Start FOICE study December 2015

maandag 23 november 2015 13.46 uur | laatst gewijzigd: zondag 20 augustus 2017 03.04 uur | auteur: Ton Jansen

Final approval/commitment by all governments is granted to FDA to assign ICASUS to start the FOICE study. The study will take place from December 2015 till April 2016

ICASUS announced to start immediately after receiving the assignment and will start beginning of December 2015 the mediation between public entities to ensure smooth operating procedures for the possible fast ferry service. The results are expected to be ready April 2016.

There are major challenges to face. New proven modern technologies can replace manual 100% controls, to high efficient specific control actions with 100% data secured exchange. For a low cost efficient operation maximum application of modern technologies are essential, to achieve passengers comfort (minimum uphold) and maximum access for control by immigration and custom services.